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  • Tuesday is for G.A.P., Local and Duathlon!

    Tuesday is for G.A.P., Local and Duathlon!

    Tuesday is for G.A.P., Local and Duathlon!

    Hey guys! How’s everything going? Are we making progress?

    So, here’s an update on mine. 

    Tuesday was a weird day. I don’t know if I mentioned, but my G.A.P. trainer left for good, and she was really good. She used to warm up with dances, zumba style, and had super intense exercises, the ones everybody is able to perform.

    What changed? She left and my new G.A.P. trainer is the duathlon trainer I liked so much, but.. yeah, good as in duathlon classes. I felt like we could have performed more exercises, because basically half the time we were trying to perform really difficult exercises, and it was like.. half the class I was watching, instead of getting something done. That made me unsatisfied, I had to go to the weight room to visit my dear killer friend, aka leg press. Results? Like I said, it’s a killer! No matter how many pounds I lift, it works wonders. This time, since I’ve been away from it for a while, I decided to go slow, and took 40kg for a good and light start. yeah, only that there’s no light when it comes to this leg press!

    I also met a trainer at the weight room and asked for advice on abs definition. He was really nice and told me to discard every exercise that might bring me early tiredness and that I would reach faster results by fatiguing with simple exercises that do not require much effort from other body parts. He oriented me to pick 2 types of exercises for each part (e.i. lower abs, oblique, etc). Remember, keep it simple!

    Local was devastating! Really DEVASTATING. We had lots of exercises for the upper body. I think it’s great, I like having beautiful toned arms and when the class has only women, the trainer focus on butt and legs workout and we barely lift something for shoulders, triceps, etc. I’d rather have all the kinds of exercises. Anyways, it was intense. I got really tired and there was a loooot of burning happening!

    Duathlon was.. weird too! The trainer didn’t show, so again I met the trainer I liked so much, that earlier had his first or second g.a.p. tranning. It was intense. We lost 10min because no one knew the trainer didn’t show. To compensate, we had it heavy for 20min each. Bike was ok, but the treadmill was almost impossible. My legs were hurting so much I could barely walk without struggle. I was unable to run, I ran for like less than 5min, and tried walking really fast. It was really bad. My speed was 7.0 and 6.5, also 6.0 when I was almost dying and needed the pain to beat it. It seems that the distance I run is getting shorter by the time. My day #1 was 2.7km, and that’s how far I ran, so far.. :( I need to improve this to keep my weight loss. 

    Let’s hope for the best!