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  • Wednesday is for… sleeping like crazy?

    Wednesday is for… sleeping like crazy?

    Wednesday is for… sleeping like crazy?

    Say whaaaat! Yes, wednesdays are for duathlon and body balance.

    I didn’t go to the gym this wednesday. I’m super tired and my muscles are super sore at the point I know body balance would kick me in the arms! I dont know why I feel this tired. It’s just weird.

    Yeah. This wednesday I woke up at 5am - which I’m no longer used to, to meet a director in a distant neighborhood I used to work. We had a job interview. He’s looking for a better executive assistant and I’m looking for an opportunity. He was really polite, and seemed to have all the characteristics I judge to be nice in a boss. Except for the fact he’s looking for someone else without first telling his assistant so she can prepare herself for the change. Everything went well and he told me he intends to take interviews to another round. 

    How I woke up: with really sore muscles. Can barely move my arms, shoulders, chest… 

    When I got home, after the interview I decided to get some rest and it really felt like nothing! I hate when it happens! But.. While I was sleeping with my eyes open, I got a very important call. Atos called me to inform I had been approved and to know if I was still interested in working at Novartis. The answer was yes and I should start by next wednesday!

    I felt so happy for this, I had this crazy interview like almost a month ago. This is the first time I had such an interview. We were talking like friends, as if we already knew each other for quite some time and we talked about everything. He had true leader qualities, which makes all very different. By the end of the interview, I discovered that the company and I shared goals: to develop specific products to impact in people’s lives in such a way to help them turn it around.  I fell in love. So I’ll be working on a huge pharmaceutical company, dealing with projects! Despite the fact that this is not an internship position, I feel it’s a very important opportunity because it’s a pharmaceutical, and it’s something I would really like to work for as an chemical engineer

    More news about jobs! lol Today, as I was again sleeping with my eyes open, BASF called me, and apparently I skipped a few stages on the interview process. I’m supposed to meet my possible future boss this friday. Why did I say yes if I got a job? Because still I have nothing signed. When I get there, I’ll cancel it if prior to Friday. I mean, we never know! This is for a internship position, to work with market development

    Ok! I still owe explanations on the 90 day challenge. May we do this tomorrow? It’s almost 3am here! Forgive me it’s there’s orthographic mistakes. I’m not going to read this before pressing create post.

  • Monday is.. no longer the day I like the most!

    Monday is.. no longer the day I like the most!

    Monday is.. no longer the day I like the most!

    Yes, I used to love Mondays, and deep down, I still do. I always loved Mondays way more than Fridays. - actually ever since I started university, I never liked Fridays.

    Seems with me it’s the reverse. Everybody loves Friday and hates Mondays. I always enjoyed waking up early, going to work, studying.. call me weirdo, a lot of people do - and I dont mind them!

    My Mondays used to be the best days. Fresh start for the week. I’m fast, I’m full of energy to spend working and studying. It’s the day I have heavy subjects for classes, and very important ones. This year, the challenge for taking it to the next level in university is simple: organic chemistry, chemical physics and calculus II - or as I like to call it, calculus, the return. hahaha yeah, freaking silly 

    All the other subjects wont fail me. Those 3 are the ones with potencial to do it, and I have 2 of them on Monday! 

    Fridays are always mega heavy. They do it so we won’t skip classes to hit the bar. Friday is also that day that you wake up and go to work because you have to. Not because you like it

    See the difference? It’s a high low experience. Despite of all the good things that happen on Fridays, this day is still a ‘low’ due to the prior days.

    Guys, I need to talk to you about the 90 day challenge. I’ll try to do it today, but later, ok? It’s a long explanation and I think it’s really important to understand the essence of it. So, see you later!!!